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How to select noni products

Factors that determin the noni quality

1.Origin:to know if the origin is authentic?Is it suitable for the growth of natural noni fruit?(the farther from the equator,the worse the quality is.)It’s the noni fruit material that firstly determines the quality of noni products.Acquired efforts can not make up for congenital deficient.Good technogoly can not make a good product without good noni material.
2.Is the origin contaminated?Such as industrial pollution,excessive heavy metals and other basic factors that harmful to the human body.
3.The planting status:Are chemical fertilizers, hormones and pesticide widely used?
4.The production process:If the noni product is made by high temperature cooking, sterilization and fermentation, its natural active ingredient has been completely destroyed.
5.Product characteristics:Now the noni products sold in the market are almost claimed to be pure noni enzyme.We should consider from two concepts:
1).The fermentation process of noni fruit:generally consumers ignored this procedure,that’s because even though the products are added into sugar,yeast in the fermentation process,they also are called【pure noni enzyme】.It’s just for the filling process of ends products,actually they are not true additive free【pure noni enzyme】.
2).The filling process:In the final filling process,to know whether the products are added into vinegar, citric acid, or other additives,we can judge in several ways:for example,we can read the list of ingredients on the label carefully.Even if there are no other ingredients marked on the label,we can not judge it’s additive free,so we need to identify by tasting.

6.Taste noni products:
1)The noni product with a sour smell, has been basically contaminated by Escherichia coli.But because of the heavy smell noni itself,customers are generally not aware of this,even the product has gone bad, they think it’s the taste of the product itself.The really good pure noni enzyme,tastes mellow,will not make people feel uncomfortable.
2)When you drink, if you have a burning throat, or have a special stimulating feeling, such products are basically added acetic acid, citric acid and other additives.
7.Open bottle test at room temperature:If it’s pure noni enzyme,generally even after opening the bottle,tighten the cap, stored at room temperature more than half a year,it will not spoil.
Do not believe the noni products advertised as【**years fermented】:Length of brewing time has no meaning to quality of noni products.So when some brands are advertising how many years their products have been brew,do not believe! The reason is very simple, the garbage is still garbage even brew for 100 years.Why Lafite and Kweichow Moutai can be well-known in the world?Why Lafite can not be made in China?Why Kweichow Moutai can not be made in other places except Kweichow?Why the prices of the wine can be from several tens of yuan to  tens of thousands of yuan?The qualities are greatly different with the same technology but the different materials or under different environments.Like Kweichow moutai, must be brewed in the specific environment, which cannot be transferred from Guizhou to Hainan Island!
So the years of fermentation mean nothing to the quality of noni products.The more important thing is whether the materials are good?If yes,whether the technology is good?Both the good materials and good technology complement each other,and plus right environment,good products can be made.
As above, noni’s quality identification can be proved, but there are a lot of poor noni sold at high prices as high quality noni.Now the price becomes a blind spot of customers.Economically poor consumers will choose cheaper products on the Internet by comparing the prices.Rich consumers think that the more expensive the price is, the better the quality will be. That’s why mixed noni juice of some brand can be sold at 2800 yuan in one bottle of 750ml.
Those want to buy noni products generally want health care or to repair sub healthy bodies.So they should be more careful when choosing products.On the premise of safety, avoid buying toxic products containing hormones, fertilizers, heavy metals and pesticide residues, and then consider the effective ingredients of the products.
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