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【S-Noni Enzyme Drops Method of use】

Product characteristics:
【S-NONI noni Essence liquid Drops】is purified from pure noni enzyme made by S-NONI’s [Noni itself fermentation technology],it’s the best in the noni extract,clean,free of impurities,has a wider range of applications. It’s matched with a spray type package.Directly press the nozzle when used,avoiding the defect that the dropper type contacted with the air in the process of opening the cover.

Usage method:
Directly press the nozzle,spray it under the tongue,spray 2-3times per time,use 3-5 times per day.


The relationship between amount,time and effect:
In addition to the product quality,usage method,time and amount also affect the effect:
1.The amount should be enough: whatever amount from much to less or from less to much, to achieve a certain effect, must take enough amount.For example,in the first month,at least 6000ml should be taken.
2.Time should be enough: one course(6000ml) must take the minimal time of one month.The effect of 6000ml in one week won't be better than it in one month.That's because the extra amount won't be absorbed by the body.The right way is to drink every day,every meal,but not drink intermittently.Or the effect may not be so good.Disease is slowly forming,the role of noni on human body also needs time.There is a saying in Traditional Chinese Medicine:the illness formed in one year,should take three years to recuperate.So don't expect in a short time to repair lesions accumulated during a long period.
3. The relationship between time and amount:when the dosage is low, the effect is slow, the dosage is enough, the effect is quick.Taking a long time, the cell repair will be more complete,thorough.Short-time use can not help to get a thorough repair.


Kindly reminder:
It’s pure food grade product,does not contain any food additives and preservatives,is suitable for pregnant women and babies of one month old.


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