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【Pure Noni Enzyme Directions】

1.Half an hour before meal or 1 hour after meal.Take small amount in high frequency.Drink directly or mix with 5 times of warm water(50-60℃).Noni is not drugs, you should continue to take noni enzyme to obtain Proxeronine.Proxeronine will be combined with the enzymes in the stomach to form Xeronine.Xeronine is a major component of the immune system to repair damaged cells.
2.In the three months of the first phase,three times a day, before breakfast,before dinner and before bedtime,each time 60 ml.In the three months of the second phase,maintain or halve the amount according to your personal situation.
3.In the third phase,maintain three times a day,20-30ml per time,you can increase or decrease the amount according to the personal situation.(Larger amount will get better effects.This product is single pure noni food,there will be no side effects even if taken in large amount)

Two ways on amount:
1.the people those cannot endure the strong reaction may follow the way "from a small amount to big".It means 3 times daily,first month 10-30ml per time,second month 20-40ml per time, third month 60ml per time,from forth month 15-30ml per time.
2.the people those can endure the strong reaction may follow "from a big amount to small".It means 3 times daily,first month 60ml per time,second month 40ml pe time,from third month, 20-30ml per time.

The relationship between amount,time and effect:
In addition to the product quality,usage method,time and amount also affect the effect:
1.The amount should be enough: whatever amount from much to less or from less to much, to achieve a certain effect, must take enough amount.For example,in the first month,at least 6000ml should be taken.
2.Time should be enough: one course(6000ml) must take the minimal time of one month.The effect of 6000ml in one week won't be better than it in one month.That's because the extra amount won't be absorbed by the body.The right way is to drink every day,every meal,but not drink intermittently.Or the effect may not be so good.Disease is slowly forming,the role of noni on human body also needs time.There is a saying in Traditional Chinese Medicine:the illness formed in one year,should take three years to recuperate.So don't expect in a short time to repair lesions accumulated during a long period.
3. The relationship between time and amount:when the dosage is low, the effect is slow, the dosage is enough, the effect is quick.Taking a long time, the cell repair will be more complete,thorough.Short-time use can not help to get a thorough repair.


Product characteristics:
1.At present,commercially available noni fermented liquid is based on the noni existing food fermentation,add 3-4 times of water,then through long time of high temperature sterilization,the effective ingredients of noni completely destroyed,and also added lactic acid bacteria, Monascus, glucoamylase, pectinase, sugar, honey, vinegar and other complex additives in the production process.
2.This product is produced by S-NONI’s patented technology [Noni itself fermentation],no adding any additives in the production process.The concentration is higher than 5 times,can be taken directly,or mixed with 5 times of warm water(50-60℃).(According to the comparative test, its taste concentration is higher than other similar products even diluted with 5 times of water).
3.This pure noni enzyme is quality assured,the case shows that it’s safe for pregnant women over 90 days and babies of one month old.For babies, please dilute with 7-10 times of warm water.
4.S-NONI pure noni enzyme is pure food,not drugs,no toxic side effects even over-used.
5.The acid of S-NONI pure noni enzyme is produced by catalysis with S-NONI’s patented technology [Noni itself fermentation].The PH value between 2.8-3.3, is unlike other noni products adding acetic acid.When this product enters the gastrointestinal tract and combines with the invertase,it can separate the acid,and resolve into weak alkaline.
6.Generally after taking 3-15 days,there will be improving reactions.Different symptoms have different reactions,the physical differences also produce varied degrees of reactions.If appear any reaction in the description,please do not worry.


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