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【S-NONI Brand Origin】

Discover the Noni
It was Year 1998 when the founder of S-NONI---Vencent Chen first came to contact with noni products. At that time, Vincent was told that noni has a very good effect on diseases. In order to witness the effect, he had continued to buy lots of noni products for friends and family members to use. Over the next year,Vincent did witness many miracles,for instance,the most common symptoms like diabetes and hypertension,can return to normal after a period of time. From empirical cases,surprises constantly happened,impossible things became true.From despair to hopefulness,everything happened so naturally.Over the past 20 years,he deeply appreciated a truth that deliberate arrangements may not be true,those naturally happened are true. Mission comes from responsibility.Our achievements are nothing to be proud of,for those are gived by everyone.Success belongs to everyone.Mission and responsibility promote us to continuously improve our quality.Our mission is to assist and serve more human beings with more like-minded partnership agents.
From Marshall Islands to Indonesia
After witnessing many miracles,the S-NONI founder decided to invest in this health industry project in 2001.After 3 years of preparation and market research,he began to import noni materials from Marshall Islands,then produced into noni products to sell.After 2 years of exploration,with the accumulation of expertise and in-depth understanding of noni,he found the quality of noni materials from Marshall Islands was not stable.In addition to the reason of the origin,big problems also exsited during the production process.For instance,the workers did not select noni fruit according to standard,did not brew as required.As a result,many serious conditions appeared ,such as,the final noni materials tasted greatly different from standard,no reaching the hygiene standards.These problems had been plaguing S-NONI.Besides the loss of defective products,unwillingness to affect the brand reputation also led to the result that S-NONI did not dare to develop the market in large quantities.
There was no significant result in solving quality problems even through 2 years of hard work.However Vincent identified two basic problems that could not be solved.One is the origin of noni fruit,the quality is closely related to the soil noni fruit growing in.Another is the local average temperature,it’s 27℃ under which the fermentation is not satisfactory.
After 2 years of actual investigation,analysis and comparison,all the production bases were transferred to Indonesia in 2005.Indonesia is a paradise for plants,also is the cradle of noni.This research result can be confirmed by three doctoral theses in analysis and comparison of noni origin.The three theses agreed that noni from Indonesia is better than those from others.That’s why S-NONI’s production base is located in Indonesia.
Thanks to Indonesia’s perfect environment, soil, climate and temperature,S-NONI worked hard for 10 years in this [The Emerald on the Equator].We continuously improve product quality,innovate technology,stabilize product quality.The noni plant bases are developed from 1 to 11,with 2 plant bases of AAA grade,7 of AA grade,and 3 of A grade.
In order to optimize the quality,S-NONI increased the production cost by 35% in 2015.We produced an AAA+ grade original Noni enzyme,and applied for a patent in China  named [Noni itself fermentation technology].

S-NONI Itself Fermentation Technology Patent

Invention Content:
This invention provides a method for [Noni itself fermentation].The whole process is divided into three steps of fermentation without adding other things,keeping the raw ingredients of Noni fruit not destroyed,avoiding the risk of food additives.And it can also make the fermentation adequate,making metabolism of the rich nutrients contained in noni fruits more completely.
The technical solution is as follow:Ripe noni fruit→select→wash—dry→bake→the whole fruit into the bucket→1st step of fermentation→2nd step of fermentation,squeeze→filtrate→raw material of noni enzyme→3rd step of fermentation→sterilize→filling→press the cap→knock bottles down→test→spray→date-printed→labeling→shrink package→packing→check→end products→third party inspection
The invention has at least the following technical effects or advantages:
Add no additives except noni fruit.So it’s 100% pure noni enzyme.
Using the technology of whole fruit fermentation,avoid the pollution caused by beater.Three steps of itself fermentation,avoid the ingredients of noni fruit destroyed by the high temperature in the production process.S-NONI’s pure noni enzyme made from three steps of itself fermentation,has strong antibacterial ability because of its active ingredients.In addition there is no step of [End fermentation] ,so before filling into products,the S-NONI’s noni leaven still maintains a viable state,it can kill most of the harmful bacteria,the autofermentation is continued.It can be stored for a long time in normal temperature,the longer the more mellow.
The sterilization is done by pasteurization with 87 degrees/3 seconds when filling. It can avoid the original ingredients of noni fruit destroyed once again by high temperature and long time sterilization in the filling process.In addition,the original active ingredients and safety of noni enzyme can be retained as much as possible.
The normal sterilization methods of 102~115 degrees/30~50 seconds may already completely kill the active ingredients of noni enzyme.The boiler sterilization also completely destroy the active ingredients of noni with high temperature above 115 degrees.

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