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s-noni wild orchard
 Article Source:SNONI GROUP /Author By: S-NONI HONGKONG/ Updated:2018-11-28

【Wild Planting S-Noni Bases】


12 wild planting bases

S-NONI GROUP originates from Taiwan「Hong Feng International Trade Co.,Ltd.」in 1998.And in 2006 it founded noni production base in Indonesia---cradle of noni,where there are so far nine precious wild ecological planting bases.

Complete the organizational structure of the health industry group

In 2005「Shanghai Ying Yan Trade Co.,Ltd.」was established in Shanghai,China.After building the brand「S-NONI」,it began to import noni materials and do sale business in China.Under the service tenet of 「Adhere to product quality.Don't let customers complain」,sales grew from 6 tons in 2006 to 500 tons in 2015. To meet the demands of rapid business expansion and opening up international business,「S-noni Industrial Co.,Ltd.」was established in 2012,mainly aimed at import business.In 2013,「S-NONI Group Limited(HK)」was established to co-ordinate the international operations of the group.

From Contracting to Independent Industry Scale

In 2015,S-NONI began to integrate major projects ,buy wild planting bases of high quality,expand the second factory.So far,S-NONI has been transformed from contracting bases to its own, independent production bases.